International Shipping of High-End Automobiles to China

International automobile shipping services allow customers to transport their cars from the United States to virtually any country in the world. All types of vehicles are moved worldwide on a daily basis: vintage, contemporary, high-end, and economy cars are all candidates for international shipping.
However, the type of automobile that is shipped sometimes varies by country. For example, vintage automobiles are typically transported to Western European countries, like Belgium, Germany, France, and Switzerland, while contemporary economy cars are shipped to the Middle East and West African countries. China receives the brunt of high-end luxury vehicles.
These trends don’t occur accidentally, but instead follow markets and applicable shipping regulations. So why does China usually receive luxury cars?
Any international shipping company can tell you that China is unique for its high import taxes and additional fees. This makes it difficult for customers to decide to ship an average-priced car: it is simply not worth the cost. For that reason, most automobiles that are transported from the United States are high-end vehicles. It is just more sensible to ship a high-value car if the import tariffs are high.
However, this does not usually pose a dilemma for shipping companies. International shipping services can help a customer transport their luxury car to China. They will always be offered both roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) and containerized shipping, on which they can decide based on availability at the port and the price.

No matter whether a client is shipping a 1968 Camaro, a 2012 Honda Accord, or a 2016 Mercedes Benz, international shipping to China is no problem for an experienced company.