Need a Good Deal on a Durable Pick-up? Ship a Chevy Silverado to Douala, Cameroon!

Buying a Chevy Silverado in the United States and shipping it to Douala, Cameroon, West Africa is a great way to take advantage of oversupply in the United States of Chevy Silverados, and increasing demand in places like Cameroon, a fast-rising nation in West Central Africa. We have had customers ship a Chevy Silverado to Douala, Cameroon in order to be used for both commercial and private uses!

Chevy Silverados can handle most commercial jobs, and are great for individuals as well.

If you are shipping multiple vehicles, it may be cheaper to ship your cars in a container to Douala, Cameroon. If you are only a Chevy Silverado, Roll On / Roll off shipping would be the option with the lowest price for shipping cars to Douala, Cameroon.

Service to Douala is the best out of U.S. East Coast base ports like New York, Baltimore, Savannah, Norfolk, and Jacksonville. Roll On / Roll Off service to Douala, Cameroon is particularly economical out of Baltimore and Jacksonville ports, with Baltimore usually the quickest in giving Chevy Silverados and other vehicles export customs clearance documents.

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