Shipping Furniture Overseas from Ports in the United States

When people think of international shipping services, they usually visualize a dozen cars making their way across the ocean on a vessel or a Caterpillar crane loaded inside a container.
However, a reliable international shipping company can help you transport household goods and personal effects as well, including furniture! There a few steps to take to ensure that your furniture or personal effects arrive to the target destination quickly and efficiently.  
First, a shipping company will ask you a few questions about the cargo you are trying to ship. The company will probably need a packing list, including every piece of your personal effects that will be in the container. This is for customs clearance and export formalities that the shipping company can take care of for you.
The company will then help you decide the size of the container needed, depending on the dimensions and quantity of the items you are shipping. This will either be a 20’, 40’, or even 45’ container. With this decision, you will get an international shipping rate for ocean freight and the company’s international construction shipping services.
Finally, your container will sail from a port in the United States, depending on where you are located and what the capabilities of the port are. This can be a port in New York, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, Washington, or virtually any other port in the United States.
When your cargo arrives, the shipping company can deal with customs clearance and can arrange for unloading of the containers. Shipping personal effects such as clothing, furniture, or small equipment is easy and hassle-free with a reliable shipping company.