Shipping Heavy Equipment Abroad

Opening an office abroad is an exciting time.  International construction and excavation projects are booming now and there has never been a better time to move abroad.  But most people don’t make such a lucrative move because they worry they will have to reinvest in equipment while opening an office abroad.  Not only do they fear having to purchase inferior equipment, but who can deal with that expense?  After all, it must cost a fortune to move your heavy equipment abroad, right?  Wrong!
There are many international heavy equipment shippers that are specifically trained in the handling needs of your equipment who can help you make that move.  It is true, though, that moving heavy equipment is different from movin a car or household goods.  For one thing, you need a carrier that specializes in breakbulk and roll-on/roll-off moving.  You will need special road permits for equipment that may be overweight and over-height.  Once your equipment has reached its destination, you may require special arrangements for inland transportation to more remote locations. 
If the logistics are starting to make your head spin, then don’t worry!  K International can help arrange all the paperwork, permits and quotes for your move.  Going with a logistical expert also ensures that you are working with a company specially trained to deal with heavy equipment needs safely.  You will even have your own personalized point of contact to manage the move and keep you up to date with every stage of the trip.  That is the difference when you go with an expert. 

Heavy equipment is not too difficult to export or transport!  Don’t let that fear restrict you from starting business abroad and missing out on the construction booms that are happening globally – but use an expert service to get the job done.