Get an International Shipping Quote for Shipping Household Goods to Kingston, Jamaica!

So you are interested in shipping household goods to Kingston, Jamaica. What is the first step? With any reliable international shipping company, an international shipping rate is one of the first pieces of information a client receives before deciding whether or not to continue with the process.  Stan Shebs With K International, you can request an international […]

Taking Your Large Boat Abroad? Use a Qualified Shipping Service

Sailing in international seas is one of the most thrilling things a large boat can offer its owner.  Still, you don’t necessarily want to make the trek across the Atlantic in your boat in order to sail, say, the Greek isles.  For large boats and other watercraft, you will find that the most cost effective, […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping of Kobelco Products

A steel manufacturing company based in Kobe, Japan, Kobelco is known worldwide as a source of reliable and sturdy construction equipment. With the increase of the company’s popularity came the increased demand for international construction equipment shipping services. That’s where an international shipping company comes in. If shipping overseas from the United States, the shipping […]

Shipping a Vintage Mercedes Benz Overseas is Easier than it Sounds

Although there is a high demand for international shipping of vintage automobiles, the process can potentially cause anxiety in the person seeking the international automobile shipping services. How can I trust that my 1950 Mercedes Benz will arrive at the target destination safely and without a scratch? How do I know if it is loaded […]

Interested in Exporting or Importing? Important Considerations

We live in a globalized marketplace with goods being purchased around the world, manufactured in exciting locations and shipped to even more countries.  There is very little that can’t be shipped to another country and very few countries where shipments aren’t accepted, so if you have been considering getting into the import/export business, here are […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping to Port of Boma, Democratic Republic of Congo!

With a reliable and trustworthy international shipping company like K International, shipping construction equipment overseas, or anything else for that matter, is easy and hassle-free. When utilizing K International’s construction equipment shipping services, there are many options of equipment to ship, including bulldozers, dump trucks, cranes, excavators, and more, with different brands of equipment: Caterpillar AlfvanBeem Kobelco AlfvanBeem Komatsu […]

International Shipping Services to Port Cabello, Venezuela!

Shipping to Venezuela is easy, especially with a reliable international shipping company like K International on your side!  With our international shipping services, we can help you ship almost any cargo overseas to Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, including Automobiles (Classic, Vintage, or Contemporary) Construction Equipment (Whether its Caterpillar, Kobelco, or Komatsu equipment)  Household Goods  A Boat or Watercraft (Including […]

International Automobile Shipping of Classic Cars to Port of Baku, Azerbaijan!

Shipping to Port of Baku in Azerbaijan can be easy and affordable with a trustworthy international shipping company like K International. With our international automobile shipping services, overseas car transport is safe and efficient, even if you are shipping a classic or vintage automobile. K International’s roll-on/roll-off shipping services will help us, and you, get your car to Baku. […]

International Container Shipping Services for Transport of Household Goods to Stockholm, Sweden!

People ship household goods overseas for a number of reasons. But whether you are moving to Stockholm, have family there, or just need to send household goods overseas, a trustworthy international shipping company like K International can help!With the different types of shipping containers, each suited to transport different types of cargo, your household goods will arrive […]