International Container Shipping Services of Personal Effects and Donation Goods to Port San Juan, Puerto Rico from the United States!

Many clients are looking to transport personal effects, automobiles, and donation goods, especially batteries, to port San Juan, Puerto Rico. With a reliable and experienced international shipping company, all clients can ship overseas via container FCL (full container load) or LCL (less-than-container-load) services, depending on the size and quantity of the cargo. With K International’s international shipping […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping Services for Kobelco/ Caterpillar/ Hitachi/ Komatsu Equipment to Port Durban, South Africa!

Construction equipment shipping can seem complicated and stressful, but if clients have an international shipping company like K International on their side, the process is easy and affordable. With our construction equipment shipping services, we can help clients ship all types of  Kobelco/ Komatsu/ Caterpillar/ Hitachi equipment to South Africa, including: Cranes Bulldozers Dump Trucks Water Trucks and more! […]

International Boat Shipping Services during all Seasons

Even though the United States is in the midst of winter, international boat shipping services are prominent all year round. Just like overseas car transport, freight forwarding companies can help clients transport all boats and watercrafts overseas to ports such as Auckland, New Zealand, Sydney, Australia, Santos, Brazil, and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. To transport […]

Overseas Car Transport Services for Vintage and Classic Automobiles/ Cars/ Vehicles to Port Le Havre, France!

International automobile shipping overseas is a common shipping services for clients transporting cars / vehicles / automobiles overseas. For clients transporting their vintage or classic autos, K International can offer competitive services to Port Le Havre, France via roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) or container shipping services! With the winning combination of an efficient port and a reliable international shipping […]

Transporting Excavators Overseas to Ports in the Middle East and West Africa

Experienced international shipping companies are capable of helping clients transport all types of cargo to destinations overseas, such as automobiles, construction equipment, and personal effects. However, it is important for clients to recognize the shipping trends to each particular global region because they may find affordable prices depending on the cargo and destination port they […]

Overseas Car/ Vehicle/ Automobile Transport from all Ports in the United States to Port Buenos Aires, Argentina!

For clients interested in shipping an automobile/ vehicle/ car to Buenos Aires, Argentina, a reliable international shipping company like K International, can help! With our extensive overseas car transport services, our clients’ automobiles can be shipped to Argentina quickly, safely, and efficiently from any port in the United States! With K International’s services, shipping overseas can be hassle-free! K International […]

International Automobile or Construction Equipment Shipping to Port Manzanillo, Panama from the United States!

The Port of Manzanillo, Panama is one of the most efficient ports in Latin America, and K International can help you transport cargo with the help of our international shipping services. The main terminal in the port can handle container, roll-on/roll-off, and heavy equipment shipping cargo. The port of Manzanillo, Panama has many notable features, including:  Direct Access into the Colon […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping of Excavators/ Bulldozers/ Cranes/ Stone Trenchers to Port Doha, Qatar!

With the help of a reliable and experienced international shipping company as well as an efficient port,  international shipping to Qatar, or anywhere on the Persian Gulf, is easier and more affordable. K International can help clients transport their cargo to Port Doha, Qatar, especially if they are shipping Kobelco/ Caterpillar/ Komatsu/ Hitachi equipment! Some notable features of the […]

Overseas Car/ Vehicle/ Automobile Transport Services to Port Buenos Aires, Argentina, via Container or Ro/Ro!

An experienced international shipping company can help clients transport cars/ vehicles/ automobiles all around the world, including to Port Buenos Aires, Argentina! With K International’s overseas car transport services, shipping automobiles of all makes and models to Argentina from all ports in the United States is hassle-free, efficient, and affordable for all clients. With K International, international shipping services can […]

Overseas Car/ Vehicle/ Automobile Transport Services from the United States to Port Bangkok, Thailand!

Shipping to Port Bangkok, Thailand is hassle-free and affordable with an experienced and trustworthy international shipping company like K International. K International can transport all makes and models of automobiles/ cars/ vehicles via our overseas car transport services, by using container shipping or roll-on/roll-off transport (RoRo)! K International can offer many international automobile shipping services, including With International shipping services, you can […]