Agricultural Machinery Shipping from the U.S. to Brazil

When it comes to shipping agriculture equipment overseas to places like South America, no one is better for the job than K International Transport! As a reliable international shipping company that has been in the business for decades, we are here to help make the process of shipping international equipment as easy as possible. We […]

Everything You Should Know about International Automobile Shipping!

Transporting vehicles overseas does not have to be overly complicated. Clients looking to transport automobiles/cars/vehicles to a port overseas can benefit from a reliable and experienced international shipping company like K International Transport! However, before reaching out to a freight forwarder, there are a few things you should know about the process. Choosing How to […]

5 Little Known Facts about International Boat Shipping Services

Reliable freight forwarding companies like K International Transport Co. Inc., can help clients transport all boats and watercrafts overseas to virtually all ports in the world. The process is similar to that of overseas automobile shipping, with a few differences, however. A freight forwarding company will first ask for a payment, several documents–including a power […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping for Caterpillar/ Hitachi/ Kobelco/ Komatsu Equipment to Port Karachi, Pakistan!

Shipping construction equipment and automobiles overseas is easy and efficient with an international shipping company like K International! Thanks to our construction equipment shipping services, K International can get clients an affordable price to ship equipment to Port Karachi, Pakistan, including excavators / dump trucks / tractor trailers / bulldozers/ Cranes from Kobelco/ Komatsu/ Caterpillar/ Hitachi!   With […]

International Automobile Shipping Services for Vintage and Classic Automobiles/ Cars/ Vehicles to Port Zurich, Switzerland!

International automobile shipping can help clients with vintage and classic automobiles/ cars/ vehicles transport them to However, with an experienced international shipping company like K International, the process can be easy, affordable, and efficient. K International can walk clients through the process of transporting a vintage car from any port in the United States to Port Zurich, Switzerland. K […]

Overseas Car Transport of Vintage and Classic Automobiles/ Cars/ Vehicles to Port Amsterdam, Netherlands from the United States!

With a reliable international shipping company like K International, transporting cars overseas to Amsterdam, Netherlands can be an easy, efficient, and affordable process. With K International’s international automobile shipping services, clients can transport any automobile / car / vehicle via container or RoRo vessel to the Netherlands with no hassle on the client’s’ part. Transport vintage and classic automobiles doesn’t have […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping to Port Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) from all Ports in the United States!

Transporting construction equipment overseas can be an easy and affordable process with an international shipping company like K International. We love to ship all types of equipment overseas from any port in the United States, including bulldozers/ dump trucks/ excavators/ tractor trailers/ cranes. For clients shipping Caterpillar / Komatsu / Hitachi/ Kobelco equipment, K International can help […]

International Automobile Shipping to Port Georgetown, Cayman Islands from the United States!

International automobile shipping is growing in popularity, especially to the Cayman Islands. Located on Grand Cayman, Port George Town is an important port for both cruise ships and cargo shipping. With a reliable port and good international shipping services, transporting cars / vehicles / automobiles, as well as personal and business goods. Some notable features of […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping to Port Dakar, Senegal from the United States!

International construction equipment shipping services for clients of overseas transport make it easy to ship Kobelco/ Caterpillar / Komatsu equipment to Port Dakar, Senegal from virtually anywhere in the United States! Reliable international shipping companies like K International can make the process hassle-free and affordable for the clients! K International can offer construction equipment shipping services that can […]