Overseas Shipping to Corinto, Nicaragua

Located on the northwest Pacific coast of Nicaragua, Port Corinto is an important port in South America. Although it is a small city of only 16, 624 people, as the only Pacific container port in Nicaragua the port is an important entry and exist for exports and imports between the country and the rest of the world.

Popular imports into Port Corinto, Nicaragua include contemporary automobiles, construction and high-heavy equipment, and various other goods including personal effects. With an experienced international shipping company, transporting goods to Nicaragua through Port Corinto is easy, efficient, and affordable.

Some notable features for the port of Corinto, Nicaragua include:

  • Port Corinto has its own container terminal, and can accept a variety of cargo including cars, bulk, liquid, and containers of various sizes.
  • The port is the main commercial port in Nicaragua, and has two berths of 370 meters in length.
  • Port Corinto has a great geographical advantage to other ports in the area because it is naturally protected from the waves of the open ocean by the surrounding islands.

For more information about the port of Corinto and international automobile shipping services to Nicaragua, visit our rate request page to receive an international car, high heavy, construction equipment and container shipping quote or to receive more information on our international shipping services.

October 2, 2017

Corinto, Nicaragua

Located on the northwest Pacific coast of Nicaragua, Port Corinto is an important port in South America. Although it is a small city of only 16, […]
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