Cartagena, Colombia

Located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, Port Cartagena is a busy and important cargo port serving the area and the larger international business community. Port Cartagena is an ideal hub for traffic through the Panama Canal’s shipping lanes connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean’s maritime traffic. Because of the port’s excellent infrastructure and variety […]

Cork, Ireland

Located on the south coast of Ireland, Port Cork is the main port serving the area. Shippers will find that the port offers hassle-free and efficient services, as it allows for all shipping modes, including lift-on/lift-off, roll-on/roll-off, liquid bulk, dry bulk, and breakbulk. Clients should also know that Port Cork sits on a large natural […]

Brisbane, Australia

Located on Australia’s eastern shore at the mouth of the Brisbane River, Brisbane is a busy and important port in Australia. Port Brisbane has everything that international shipping clients can possibly need, including several plants around the port for various industrial and commercial activities. For example, the port is surrounded by food processors, sawmills, oil […]

Mumbai, India

Located on the western coast of India on the natural deep-water harbor of Mumbai, Port Mumbai is an important and busy port in the region. In addition to being an efficient port, the location offers 21 thousand square meters of covered storage. The port is also served by a network of roads and railways that […]

Dublin, Ireland

Located on the eastern coast of Ireland, Dublin, is an important port city in Europe and a popular one among United States shippers. The port handles approximately two-thirds of the country’s trade traffic, which makes the port the busiest in Ireland. Port Dublin is operated by Dublin Port Company, a state-owned commercial company. However, all […]

Varna, Bulgaria

Located on the west coast of the Black Sea, Port Varna is the largest seaport in Bulgaria. The port is a prime destination for overseas shipments, as it is easily accessible by vessels as well as by road and the railroad adjacent to the Varna international airport. The port offers full service, including loading, discharging, […]

Gdynia, Poland

Located on the Baltic shores of Northern Poland in the Gulf of Gdansk, Port Gdynia is a large and important seaport for Poland. Port Gdynia is the largest port in Poland and is an important logistics hub for trade with the trans-European corridor, which is a planned network for roads, railways, airports, and water infrastructure […]

Hanko, Finland

Located on Finland’s southern border, Port Hanko is an important port with an immediate connection to the Baltic Sea. The port offers efficient service for international trade to and from Finland, and has become a leading port. Port Hanko comprises three areas: the western harbor, with five roll-on/roll-off quays; the outer harbor, with two quays […]

Durres, Albania

Located on Albania’s western coast, Port Durres is the largest seaport in the country. More specifically, the port is located at the north end of the Bay of Durres, which is an extensive body of water near Cape Durres. The port is also undergoing renovation and will thus be more modern and technologically advanced in […]

Civitavecchia, Italy

A link between Central Italy and the rest of the world, Port Civitavecchia is an important and busy port located on the western coast of Central Italy in Rome. The port contains 28 berths and five warehouses, making it easy for shippers to rely on the port during the shipping process. Port Civitavecchia is known […]